S/ Teniente Riera, nº5 y 7
Postal Code: 11201
Algeciras - Cádiz
Phone: (+34) 956 66 34 94
Fax: (+34) 956 65 24 10

A.Ortega Algeciras SL

A.Ortega Algeciras SL

was founded in 1984 by Antonio Ortega Queija, Spanish qualified Customs broker. It is the only customs brokerage business in Algeciras with two Spanish qualified forwarders and Customs brokers: Antonio Ortega Queija and Maria Teresa Ortega Serrano. This professional qualification together with experience of over 25 years in the industry allows us to offer the most appropriate solutions to your business needs.

We are a family owned and run business specializing in all types of commodities, from clothing to fruit and customs clearance through EDI system.

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